Welcome to DBASS3

DBASS3 is a publicly accessible resource containing details of aberrant 3' splice sites generated as a result in disease-causing mutations in human genes.

Nucleotide sequences of authentic and aberrant splice acceptor sites can be retrieved by phenotype, gene, mutation, by the location of cryptic/de novo acceptor sites, and by their distance from authentic sites. DBASS3 also provides a basic summary of cryptic and de novo 3' splice sites and their distribution across exons and introns. In addition, it compares the strength of authentic and corresponding aberrant sites using several splice site prediction tools. The database also contains alternative 3' splice sites that have been associated with aberrant expression of pre-existing mRNA isoforms and unambiguous phenotypic consequences due to genetic variants in the vicinity of splice acceptor sites. The database currently contains 381 records (191 in exons and 192 in introns).

DBASS3 is regularly updated and is intended as a reference tool for clinical geneticists, biochemists, cell biologists and all investigators studying consequences of genetic changes at the level of pre-mRNA splicing as well as mechanisms underlying 3' splice site selection.